How to be Humble? 10 Ways To Be Humble and Practice Humbleness (2023)

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Humbleness is a virtue found in very few people nowadays. We live in a competitive society where individuality is encouraged and humility is considered a vulnerable emotion. It is frowned upon by some and overlooked by others but let me tell you that being humble can open new doors of opportunity for you.

Times are changing and so are the perceptions of people, Humbleness and humility are no longer wasted emotions but are now being encouraged as soft skills that make a person honourable and valuable. This is a positive change that ultimately leads to increased harmony in both professional and personal life. It is considered a pro-social trait that can result in stronger ties within a community.

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1) Have an open mind

Want to cultivate the art of being humble then look no further as you can easily do so by confronting your prejudices. Having an open mind is a necessity if you are going to do so. If you are feeling uncomfortable with any other viewpoint then you should tackle it as soon as possible to learn the error of your ways. Suppose you are working in an office and you are having problems with an individual of a different culture. It would be unfair to brand everyone from other cultures as unfavourable.

What you should do is actually sit on a one-to-one basis with him and try to understand the problem. Sometimes it is no more than miscommunication because of two different cultures. Have an open mind so that you can listen, understand and learn if you are looking for ways to be humble.

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2) Embrace your strength and weaknesses

Be humble to become a better human being. It is a wrong perception that being humble makes you weak, spineless and without self-esteem or worth. The truth is that when you embrace your strength and weaknesses together only then you can become humble because you gain the realization that you are not perfect in any way.

Admit that you are not the best no matter the talent you have and remember there is always room for improvement in a person. You do not need to prove your worth to anyone because you have let your accomplishments speak for you. You are honest in all your endeavours and do not need false talks or praise so go about your business in your usual manner. Remember people shout about their activities only when they are not sure of their own strength hence avoid such talks if you are looking for ways to be humble.

3) Be grateful

Humility is considered a friend by many as they are thankful to God and other individuals for it. A person who is humble will remember the contribution of other people in the success he has achieved. Yes, he is at a better position today, but he does not discount the efforts of several others that have nudged and helped him on his pathway.

It is his perseverance and hard work that has taken him near his goals but he does not forget the support he has received from many. If you are looking for ways to be humble you need to be grateful to God and each person who has helped you in your journey. When you are thankful you open yourself to positive emotions that will remove any negative energy in your vicinity.

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4) Do not be afraid of mistakes

To err is human and it is a fact of life that we will make mistakes in our pathway. The important thing is to understand and accept it and later try not to repeat them.

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One can only learn by walking on his own path and not just by listening to the knowledge of others. Yes, the experience matters but you cannot know the right from the wrong until and unless you make your own mistakes and learn from them. Do not be afraid of your mistakes if you looking for ways to be humble as they will give you important insight into the world from close quarters.

5) Stop boasting and bragging

A person who is humble is aware of his accomplishments but does not boast about it to one and all. Yes, he may feel proud of his work but will not bring attention to it by bragging in front of others.

Remember it is just pride that demands recognition so stay away from it. When you do something good people will know about it automatically and appreciate you more when you show your humbleness. Do not continuously harp about your achievements if you are looking for ways to be humble

6) Be considerate

During the conversation, it is important to show consideration to others. Listen attentively, speak when spoken to and do not interrupt others while speaking are the true traits of a person who is humble as well as considerate about the feelings of others. If you are looking for ways to be humble be mindful of your words and action.

Do not talk down or downplay the emotions of others because everyone has the right to their opinions. Remember it is important to share and accept the sayings of others by listening to every facet of the conversation. Consider everyone equally important as yourself and free yourself from selfish intentions if you really want to be humble in life.

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7) Stop seeking attention

Some people always want to be in limelight and hence are inconsiderate, boastful and pushy in their mannerisms. It is their general belief that they are better than others. A person who is humble will consider the feelings of others and behave accordingly. He will never take credit and seek undue attention from others.

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He is one of those people who want to remain in the background during limelight but will always be in front of work. Be proud of your achievements but do not seek the attention deliberately if you are looking for ways to be humble.

8) Do not be judgemental

Open your mind so that you can appreciate others for their fine qualities and good work. It is imperative that you understand that everyone is of a different mindset, taste, likes, dislikes and thought-process. Do not judge others for their notions and opinions if you are looking for ways to be humble.

Do not condemn others by being judgemental because it is not up to us to slander others for their different lifestyle. Try to recognise the good in others and appreciate them instead of giving your expert opinion about others.

9) Stop comparisons

Healthy competition is always appreciated but you cannot be both humble and competitive when you are striving to best your opponent. Try to look inwards so that you can make yourself better. If you are looking for ways to be humble you will try to be better than your previous self not try to better others.

Undue comparisons are not as healthy as it can lead to feelings of restlessness and resentment. Remember we all are unique in ourselves and it is not up to us to question our individuality. Focus your energy on improving your inner self to become a better person who is humble and worthy.


10) Help others

How to be Humble? 10 Ways To Be Humble and Practice Humbleness (1)

An individual who is humble is always willing to lend a helping hand to a person in need. He is respectful and mindful of their condition and tries to treat others with kind consideration. He is appreciative of his position and recognises that he is in a better position to help and does so without accepting any recognition and thanks in return.

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Some people might have hurt you with their words and deeds but make sure to help them in their times of need. If you are looking for ways to be humble remember to forgive others and help them during dire circumstances.

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